Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brown Bag Quilt - revealed

I completed the quilting and binding of my brown bag quilt late last night (or, early this morning is more accurate).

As part of the Brown Bag Quilt (BBQ) challenge, you were given a swap partner, and the two of you traded 2 yards of fabrics that you either didn't like, or would probably never use. The fabrics shown above are the fabrics I received last fall. Interesting color palette, but I noted that not all of the fabrics were a regular 100% quilting cotton. As I was to find out later, this posed quite an interesting challenge when it came time to cut these up and piece them into a quilt top. And, just to add to the mix, the fabrics on the right were 7" x WOF. Now, that's unusual.

Well, here's the completed quilt:

I'd been wanting to try the Square in a Square quilt pattern anyway, and so I decided to try it with these BBQ fabrics. The squares were 5" more or less, and I cut 2.5" strips out of the other fabrics. With the remaining strips that were about 2" or so, I used them on the back, to sample yet another quilt I'd seen that I wanted to try:

The quilt is roughly 48" x 64". With the exception of the border fabrics, binding fabric, and backing fabric, and maybe one small cut of fabric for the blocks, I used just about all of the fabric I'd received.

This was a fun project. I'd been reducing/eliminating my fabric purchases for some time now, and this challenge fell right in line with that; I had to use the fabric I was given, and while I could add fabric from my stash, I could only add 1 cut of purchased fabric. Sadly, I had enough stash fabrics that coordinated with this, that I didn't even have to go and buy anything.

Oops; don't mind those loose strings that I need to cut off. :)

It will be a gift quilt. This is definitely a little different from what I normally do, but I don't think it came out too bad. What do you think?


  1. It's beautiful!! You would never know it was challenging in anyway.

  2. It's fantastic! You did a great job....

  3. I love what you did with this challenge. You accomplished so many things and ended up with a really pretty quilt, too!

  4. It turned out great. I think it all works together well and someone will be cozy under it. Nice work!

  5. Good work! I'm putting my back together right now!

  6. I love how it has a vintage feel with a modern grid arrangement. The pale seafoam floral border goes perfectly!

  7. Great job!! I'll have to remember this challenge - it sounds like a good one.

    I love that you used techniques/patterns that were on your list. Win-win!!

    doni @ Oregon coast

  8. This is so pretty and sweet. I love what you did with the fabrics you were sent.

  9. I love that quilt! And so much fun.


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