Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got my brown bag!

Look what came in yesterday's mail!

All the way from Australia!

As you might recall from the last post, I joined a Brown Bag Quilt challenge. This is what my partner sent me!

Um...I think this is a bit more than 2 yards of fabric. :) Isn't she generous?!!!

There appear to be 9 quarter yard cuts:

And 24 charm squares:

Wow! And, these are supposed to be rejects?!!

Some of this fabric feels a bit heavier than the regular all cotton quilting weight fabric I normally use. But it still feels like all cotton, and very soft. I am already envisioning what fabrics I'll pull from my abundant stash to put with this...

I sent her half-yard cuts of each of these four fabrics:

I really and truly hope she likes it as much as I like her choices for me. Thanks, partner. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brown bagging it

I will be brown bagging it.

I entered a Brown Bag Quilt contest. The idea is to swap 2 yards of fabric (4 half yards or 8 fat quarters) from your stash with someone. At least 90% of that fabric must be used in a quilt, combined with any amount of fabric in your stash, to create a quilt in the size of your choice. If you buy fabric, you may only buy one piece.

This BBQ (ha! love the acronym!) is being sponsored by the ladies over at Stash Manicure, who work hard to create quilts from their bountiful stashes, as opposed to purchasing new fabric, in the effort to reducing the amount of fabric in their personal stashes--and to encourage you to do the same. This is supposed to be a nice way of having an "ugly quilt" contest, they said. Actually, to be clear, it is a way of passing onto someone else some fabric you are no longer in love with, or are just not using and may never use. So, it's as if you are getting more quilt fabric for free--not only did you not pay for it, but you didn't even increase the size of your stash to get it! Like that!

I'll be sending my fabric to my partner tomorrow. Once she gets a brown bag from me, and I receive a brown bag from her, I'll share pictures of the fabric with you. This is one project I can justify, because it will ultimately mean more fabric out of my house!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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