Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I won a blog award!

My friend over at http://www.journey2learn.com named me for an award for my blog! As part of the honor, I am supposed to nominate seven others. So, here goes!

http://sewing-accessories.net Can you nominate your children? My ten-year-old daughter’s blog is really interesting, and pretty funny at times. She discusses her adventures in sewing. Even though she’s mine, I am impressed at the idea of a ten-year-old possessing her level of maturity and ability to maintain this, as well as to do the projects which are mentioned on the blog.

http://www.journey2.learn.com I am always so motivated when I read her blog. She does incredible work with lots of young people, and maintains a life with her husband and children, and is writing a dissertation at the same time. Can you say Superwoman!

http://www.justanormalfamily.blogspot.com/ My friend is absolutely amazing. She and her husband gave birth to four, and adopted 11 more! The two oldest have started families of their own, so she has 4 grandchildren as well, who are around the same age as her youngest children. Another Superwoman!

http://www.pamomofseven.blogspot.com/ Another incredible friend, with a number of children (biological and adopted). When I read her blog, it makes me tired :), and it really makes me feel inadequate. I’m gonna have to change my friends before I develop a complex!

http://www.womenfolk.com/mysites.htm She has a GREAT blog about the history of quilting. My blog has a number of posts which discuss quilting history, but hers is dedicated almost solely to the topic.

http://www.heatherbailey.typepad.com/ While she certainly needs no promo from me, I still have to mention her site here, because it is beautiful, and pix of her sewing studio have been an inspiration to me!

http://www.lisatutmanoglesby.typepad.com Her site has, more than many others, shown me the power of someone who has many interests, and is able to display them through beautiful photos. Her blog says to me that I can do it, too.

Well, I have to stop at 7, so that’s the end of the list. I should do something like this again, because there are many more blogs that are worth mentioning here.

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