Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival May 2011

(It's ABOUT TIME that Blogger let me create this post! Geez.)

Amy's Creative Side

Here is my entry for the spring Blogger's Quilt Fest 2011. (NOTE: Don't miss the I Spy rhyme, below, that goes with this!)

I talked about this quilt before, but I'll quickly discuss it again. It is a string quilt, a charm quilt (no two fabrics are alike), and an I Spy quilt! Here's the I Spy rhyme my younger daughter and I wrote:

I spy bunny ears, a butterfly, a tree,
Dogs, a pepper, and some broccoli.

I spy a giraffe, a horse, some French fries,
An eggplant, an orange, and owls so wise.

I spy a fortune cookie, a stack of dishes,
A peacock, a black motorcycle, a cat, and fishes.

I spy a pumpkin, a duck, a snake,
A guitar, yellow sunflowers, and a slice of cake.

Can you find all of the things in the rhyme in the quilt? I have close-up photos of the quilt in the initial post of this quilt (and  in my flickr photostream) to enable you to see the fabrics more closely.

This was my first string quilt, my first charm quilt, and my first I Spy quilt. I don't know what on earth possessed me to try to do all three in one quilt. It was not easy, and I will never do that again! I've since done a couple of string quilts that were not nearly this tough, because I didn't worry about repeating fabrics, or the I Spy aspect, either. I may do an I Spy quilt again, or a charm quilt again (maybe), but not all three in one!

I absolutely love this quilt; I think the colors and the fabrics are so bright and fun!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Purple charm square exchange

Wow; has it really been a month since I last blogged here? I've traveled, finished up teaching a couple of undergraduate classes, etc. etc...

Photo source: Amazon/Moda

I got two purple charm squares in the mail recently, as part of an exchange. Now, I need to invite four of you to join me in this! Who's game? All you have to do is send two--just two--purple 6" charm squares to one person, and invite four others.

Let me know; this is going to be fun!
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