Saturday, November 13, 2010

Part 3: String quilt top

To call this Part 3 of the series of posts I have put here is a bit misleading, yet it is not entirely inaccurate; here's why. And make sure you read the first two parts so that this post will make sense.

The weekend of the USCT Grand Review, I was finishing up a quilt. It wasn't just any quilt; it was a first for me on several counts.

This is obviously a string quilt; this beautiful string quilt was my inspiration. You may have recognized a trend in my quilting; I typically use large blocks, and do not really do true piecing. Thus, this string quilt is the first time I have really "pieced" a quilt and worked with smaller pieces to create pieced blocks.

But, it's not just any string quilt. It's also a charm quilt. So, that means that every single piece of fabric in this quilt is unique; no two pieces are the same. (Note to self: Do not EVER do that again!)

And here's the really neat's an I Spy quilt! I'll show you each of the six panels, and then you can see if you can find everything. My younger daughter and I wrote an I Spy poem for it!

I spy bunny ears, a butterfly, a tree,

Dogs, a pepper, and some broccoli.

I spy a giraffe, a horse, some French fries,
An eggplant, an orange, and owls so wise.

I spy a fortune cookie, a stack of dishes,
A peacock, a black motorcycle, a cat, and fishes.

I spy a pumpkin, a duck, a snake,
A guitar, yellow sunflowers, and a slice of cake.

The reason why this quilt is part of the series is this. I was not quite finished with it by the time Thursday came. But, after working with Tina in the schools, and I thought about the fact that we'd be a part of her lecture/educational sessions on Saturday, I knew it would be good to have a quilt like this as part of the exhibit. So, I rushed to finish the last few blocks of this quilt, and added the wildly colorful tie dye border that you see, having been inspired by Tina's generous use of colorful tie dye fabrics in her quilts.

I really enjoyed making this quilt; string quilts are a lot of fun to make, although I will not put myself thru the torture again of making sure that every single string is different.

A final, windy day picture.


  1. I love it! I recently made one of these (not quilted). Like you, never again. What a mess I made. I've been finished about a week and I'm still picking up little bits of fabric.

  2. It is Beautiful Laurel! What a good idea to make an I Spy game, you all have got me going on it, I still haven't found the motorcycle!

  3. Yay! This looks awesome! String quilts really do take ALOT more time than you ever think they would - I have yet to start another string quilt after making the one for my friend of that size! Beautiful quilt!

  4. Wow, I just love this quilt pattern. I think this would be a great way to use up all those little scraps of fabric that are too small to do anything else with but to big to toss.

    Great photos too.


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