Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Picnic Quilt

I've got good news and bad news.

First, the bad news.

I have not yet finished the socks.


Now, the good news.

I have a quilt top to show you!

(Have you ever tried to take pictures of a quilt top outside on a windy day? Oy!!)

Early this summer, I took a good look at my fabric stash. It hit me rather hard that I love novelty fabrics, especially food fabrics. (Now, that makes for a very colorful, and very interesting stash, but not a very versatile one. I'm slowly, bit by bit, trying to remedy that. But in the meantime...)

So, I thought it would be nice to make a picnic quilt, comprised of my food fabrics!

You might recognize the pattern. It is the Fresh Vanilla pattern, that I have already used for two other quilts to date. Remember these?

 I love the versatility of this pattern; see how the sashing and fabrics changed the look of this quilt completely?

Ordinarily, I wait to reveal a quilt once I have fully completed it--the quilting, binding, etc. I actually finished this one a month or two ago. But this one is still a top, and will remain a top until I figure out how I will quilt this on a regular home sewing machine. It is HUGE; also, I broke the presser foot I had been using for free motion, so I need to first figure out which of my machines to buy a new one for, and then go and buy it. And maybe a walking foot, too.

I have another quilt top to reveal later this week. I will finish up my grading, and then share with you a very special event, and a very unique quilt.


  1. I LOVE the new quilt Laurel! It is a picnic party of colors, I love how lively it is and the black checkerboard print is perfect between the blocks! The presser foot breakage must have been a bummer. I can't wait to see the upcoming quilt!

  2. I like the way you put novelty fabrics together... I have a hard time with novelties but then I favor black and white .. I like scrap quilts from whatever scraps I can't throw away..

  3. I wrote a nice comment and think it is lost! SHUCKS!

    Well..I said you will have to offer some really delicious food on your picnic quilt to compete with all that wonderful looking food! LOL

    I also like your pattern favorite. I tend toward log cabins and court house steps.


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