Friday, June 10, 2011

Music quilt

I apologize for being away so long. I've been very busy; I'm teaching 3 undergraduate courses instead of the usual 2; the homeschooling year is wrapping up..and I've been working on this quilt!

Our family has been at this piano studio for nine years now;; our younger daughter is now "graduating" from the studio (our older daughter graduated a couple of years ago). When the girls reached a certain skill level, the teacher at this studio passed the girls on to the next studio. So, as a goodbye present, I made her this music quilt.

You might recognize the general pattern; it is the High Light pattern (I made one in black/white/yellow).

The quilt actually looks better in person. The pictures could certainly be better than this, but, hey, I was finishing this quilt right up to the minute. I even sewed on the label and clipped threads in the car on the way to the event!

I may be busy, but I somehow must find a way to begin to piece more intricate quilts. I resort to the big block quilts because I don't ever really have a lot of time to quilt. But I'd like to slowly start piecing quilts with blocks that finish smaller than 12". Right now, I have a few that I have done and need to finish up. After that, I think I'll be doing more piecing...
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