Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday State of the Stash Report 2/27/11

This past week, I went into my sewing area to try to restore some semblance of order. It is almost to the point where I am not extremely embarrassed to provide "before" photos. (I know some of you can relate.)

Well, in the process of consolidating fabrics into common areas, I was aghast at the sheer quantity of fabric I possess. I have known that I have a lot of fabric, but there is nothing like seeing a lot of it in one place to provide a major dose of reality. To say that I am a fabriholic is obviously an understatement. (And don't tell anyone, but I was thinking of going to the quarterly bolt sale this week! But the operative word here is, was.)

So, I began flinging (purging some of my fabric). I liquidated a bit of it in one of my Yahoo groups that is dedicated specifically to quilters being able to get rid of their excess, and to quilters who will buy other quilters' excess. (I still have one sale pending.) So, I can at least add a bit to my "out" yardage this week.

Feb 20 - Feb 26
In: 0 yds
Out: 31 yds

In: 2 yds
Out: 46
Net: -44 yds

So, one way or another, I am 44 yards of fabric "lighter" than I was at the beginning of the year. Purging that fabric was so freeing; I will have to continue to seriously take stock, and do more of that.

Am I alone? Tell me you have your own fabric issues...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday State of the Stash Report 2/20/11

I've actually got something to report.

(Lousy pictures; sorry.)

I was able to get the quilt and gift sack to their new owner last week. So, added to the fabric in the bright quilt from a couple of days ago...

Jan 9 - Feb 19
In: 2 yds
Out: 13 yds

In: 2 yds
Out: 15 yds
Net: -13 yds

Were those 2 yds of clearance fabric really worth it? I do think so, honestly.

I should be adding more yardage to the "Out" number this week. (Note: Just because the "Out" number doesn't increase every day or every week, doesn't mean that I am not sewing regularly. Remember, I am not including donated fabric in this count. Also, if it's from my stash and I sew it, even if it's done, I don't count it until it reaches its final destination.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Green string center quilt

I started off with the intention of speed piecing string blocks for a green string block quilt. However, my calculations were off, and I didn't like the finished blocks for a complete quilt. But I DID like the blocks. So I built a quilt around them.

This quilt is now twin sized, and measures at 67" x 74". (Before washing, it measured at 71" x 79"--and no, I don't prewash my fabrics!) I forgot to take a picture of the back, but I quilted in straight diagonal lines in the center medallion, and the rest was a large meandering quilting stitch.

Here's a close-up of the binding. Love it!

As I type this, it is on its way to the Bronx, to be given to the homeless.

 I truly hope and pray some little boy or girl is blessed by this. :)
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