Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday State of the Stash Report 2/20/11

I've actually got something to report.

(Lousy pictures; sorry.)

I was able to get the quilt and gift sack to their new owner last week. So, added to the fabric in the bright quilt from a couple of days ago...

Jan 9 - Feb 19
In: 2 yds
Out: 13 yds

In: 2 yds
Out: 15 yds
Net: -13 yds

Were those 2 yds of clearance fabric really worth it? I do think so, honestly.

I should be adding more yardage to the "Out" number this week. (Note: Just because the "Out" number doesn't increase every day or every week, doesn't mean that I am not sewing regularly. Remember, I am not including donated fabric in this count. Also, if it's from my stash and I sew it, even if it's done, I don't count it until it reaches its final destination.)

1 comment:

  1. This is a commendable project - the tallying of stash that is heading out instead of coming in. 13 yards out is an impressive figure!


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