Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got my brown bag!

Look what came in yesterday's mail!

All the way from Australia!

As you might recall from the last post, I joined a Brown Bag Quilt challenge. This is what my partner sent me!

Um...I think this is a bit more than 2 yards of fabric. :) Isn't she generous?!!!

There appear to be 9 quarter yard cuts:

And 24 charm squares:

Wow! And, these are supposed to be rejects?!!

Some of this fabric feels a bit heavier than the regular all cotton quilting weight fabric I normally use. But it still feels like all cotton, and very soft. I am already envisioning what fabrics I'll pull from my abundant stash to put with this...

I sent her half-yard cuts of each of these four fabrics:

I really and truly hope she likes it as much as I like her choices for me. Thanks, partner. :)


  1. OH very pretty fabrics! I can't wait to see what you make.

  2. What fun! I think those fabrics are definitely inspirational.

    I hope my package comes soon or the poor mailman will think I'm stalking him.

  3. She will Laurel. They are both so pretty.

  4. Beautiful cordinating fabrics Laurel! Can't wait to see what you do with them! This is fun~~~

  5. Congratulations.. She will love the fabric . Can't wait to see what you make with what she sent you.
    I just joined a Candlemat Swap.

  6. I love the charm squares - the colorway combinations are really interesting!

  7. You are the second or third person i have read that is participating in the ugly fabric thing. I have yet to see any ugly fabric. Can't wait to see your end result. The concept looks like so much fun ... maybe I will be able to participate next time around.

  8. Ok, your fabrics from Australia have got to be the prettiest so far! You have great luck!

    Your quilt will be beautiful no matter what you make out of them!


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