Friday, March 11, 2011

Civil War Reproduction Fabrics?

So, I was gifted four large bags of fabric...

It took a lot of sorting and folding to get to this point. (Who just balls up their quilting fabric and shoves it in a bag? I don't even treat fabric I don't like in that manner!)


Greens, blues, purples

Light backgrounds--sorta

Light backgrounds--love that rooster!

Greens (the one 2nd from the right looks out of place)

Reds and pinks

Civil War reproduction fabrics? Yes or no? Seriously, if you know, please leave me a comment. I have a feeling that some of these are not Civil War reproduction fabrics, and if you see one that isn't, tell me, so I can pull it. I think I will try my hand at a Civil War quilt, and I'd rather use the appropriate fabrics, and leave out the others.


  1. You have a few that are, and several that don't look like CW to me. The best way to do this would be to check out your LQS. Look at their collection of CW prints and familiarize yourself with what they look like. I see several that are nice prints but are not CW repros. But they are all nice fabrics, and would make a very nice quilt.

  2. Yes - they are very pretty together (and separately). Although I not much of a help in CW fabric repro pattern identification!

  3. I love the 1800 reproduction prints, and I'd say most are NOT CW prints. Either way, I recognize several from over 20 years ago. They'd mostly still work together, just don't call it CW. I love the rooster too. I bought some over 10 years ago and just last month made an apron with it.

  4. No, most of these are not CW fabrics, but you have several really nice fabrics and they would look good together in a quilt. The issue with CW quilts and other quilts from the 19th century centers on "which years." Nowadays, fabrics have the years listed on the selvage so that you can match fabrics from the same era.


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