Monday, March 28, 2011

BBQ and Design Wall

Remember this BBQ, or Brown Bag Quilt contest?

Remember that the due date is April 1st?

Well, I've completed all the blocks for my BBQ, and they are on my design wall:

The lighting is rather poor in here, which is why the photo is not well lit. Touching it up with Picnik only goes so far. At any rate, I should be done on time with this quilt. See? Even when I don't blog, I am busy.


  1. Today is only March 28 so you have lots of time before the deadline ;)

  2. Very nice blocks for the BBQ. I've got my top and back done and just bought batting for mine today! Whew, cutting it close aren't we?

  3. I love the florals paired with the geometric cuts and grid pattern. I know you'll get it done!

  4. Yours look good! I just dug my fabric out of the stash and am really hoping for some fast inspiration:)

  5. It will be interesting to see how you place the blocks. It should be a very pretty quilt.


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