Monday, February 1, 2010

A very powerful quilt

As we kick off Black History Month, I thought it might be appropriate to share something that I recently discovered. April Shipp created a powerful, stunning, quilt.

Strange Fruit: A Century of Lynching 1865-1965

She embroidered the names of 5,000 documented lynching victims over a 100 year period. You absolutely must view this video; it is very moving.


  1. Oh Laurel, I had a strange reaction when I read what you wrote here about this quilt picture! I wanted to burst out crying! Very odd...and I thought, "well, the VietNam Wall" with all the names on it was not the first of its type. This quilter was the first. heart breaks over each name!!!!!!!!!!!! I will watch the video and some of the related videos when I can tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. I am still amazed by my instant reaction and burst of emotions.

  2. I'm really behind but I did watch this (and cried) on Monday before I went to work. It's such a sad yet beautiful thing. I can't believe what people were saying while she was working on the project.


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