Monday, February 22, 2010

Dollies for Haiti

My goodness; who would have thought there'd be so many sewing opportunities for the children of Haiti?

Dolly Donations Sending Love to Children in Need

I found out about this one from Cathy, who picked it up from this site, Dolly Donations. The deadline for this project is March 31.


  1. Thank You so much for finding me! I’m Sarah from Dolly Donations, do hope you can join in the fun … but after looking at your blog, it seems you are a very busy bee ;)
    Take care and drop by anytime!

  2. Thank you Laurel, for blogging about this. I am planning adding a doll for Dolly Donations to my list.

  3. I am getting along with my dollies and hopefully will get them in the mail to Sarah soon. :) I'm sure a slow gal compared to you Laurel!


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