Monday, February 1, 2010

eLegant Squares


My newest quilt!

I would classify this as a modern quilt. The design is my own, yet I derived the idea for the blocks from here. The top picture is the front of the quilt; the second photo is the back. I blogged a little while ago about receiving a generous gift of scraps from a friend.

After I sorted thru them, I saw a grouping of brown and aqua fabrics (I circled them in the picture above) that I did not want to blend with anything else, even though I wanted to make a scrap quilt. So, I took those fabrics, made as many blocks as I could with them, and added lots of off white. I used the leftover scraps to make the binding. I really like the abstract look of this. I decided to call it eLegant Squares because of the L that is created from the formation of the blocks.

This quilt is significant for me because of two reasons: (1) the design is my own (maybe I really can create my own quilt patterns!), and (2) it is the first one I quilted on my home machine. I've blogged before about having rented time on a long arm quilting machine in the past. But I wanted to see if I could really do it on my own machine. Also, in the true spirit of a scrap quilt, I wanted to keep my costs to a minimum with this; I only had to buy batting and a dollar or two worth of fabric to finish the binding, so I spent $10 on this (not including the off white fabric that was already in my stash)!


  1. i really like the layout of your L quilt. it's so simple but looks so sharp. beautiful!

  2. I love Love LOVE it!!!! So gorgeous and modern.
    Very inspiring thanks!!

  3. It's beautiful ... I so LOVE all the white space and the little squares in the top right cover ... perfect!

  4. Now that's a quilt to be proud of!

  5. Laurel, Your Creation is beautiful!!! I love the colors, and I also LOVE the fact that a friend donated these fabrics to you. As you know, this is what I have on the top of my blog. I am always so blessed when someone donates fabric to me, because I do not buy fabric. I wasn't even buying batting for a long time because I had some donated to me, or I made the quilts without batting. So just recently I bought my first batting in a while to finish my cat panel quilt. Also to let you know I think you picked a wonderful group of colors! Keep up the great work.

  6. I LOVE this! I especially love the two tiny little squares in the top right. Definitely a great way to use those fabrics!


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