Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tie One (apron) On Tuesday - Donut Apron

Look at what I got for Christmas!

My younger daughter made this fun donut apron for me for Christmas! She used my apron book

The Perfect Apron: 35 Fun and Flirty Designs for You to Make
to make it.

This fabric is part of the Timeless Treasures line, called Got the Munchies?

I think this is just the most fun fabric! We are listing this donut fabric, along with other fabrics from this line

in our Etsy shop. And there are other great food fabrics, as well:



  1. I like this alot, you should be selling your apron, I would buy them!

  2. That is so cute and the fabric she used is awesome! Doughnuts and crinkle fries definitely make an awesome fabric line.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaay cute!! I love it!

  4. Very cute! That fabric makes me hungry :-) Hope your etsy shop is going well.


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