Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayer quilts

A few weeks ago, I needed two very quick quilts, for friends who were in the hospital for one reason or another. I chose a couple of very bright fabrics, bordered each of them in a bright coordinating color, and was able to create these quilts in no time:

I was so glad to be able to do this. I have always wanted to be able to give quilts to sick friends. I have done literally dozens of charity quilts (I blogged about some of them), but they are different; I don't know, and never meet, the recipients of those quilts. But I could pray specifically for the recipients of these two quilts. Yes, they are very simple, but as I don't keep these types of quilts (prayer quilts, I guess?) on hand, I needed something that I could complete in literally a couple of days, for two different friends who were unexpectedly hospitalized. I will try to somehow keep a gift quilt or two on hand; maybe a prayer quilt, maybe a baby quilt.

At any rate, I really hope they like them.


  1. They are beautiful..they will love them!
    Brandi :)

  2. They are beautiful! I hope your friends start to feel better soon :( I'm sure the quilts will help because there is nothing like having your own blanket to sleep with at the hospital.

  3. Very cool! Keeping some on hand is a great idea. I love the bright colors. I am sure you made your friends very happy with these thoughtful gifts.

  4. Laurel...That is such a needed Ministry for Christ to give these prayer quilts! They also remind me of giving prayer cloths years something tangable into someones hands that reminds them they were and are prayed over by Faith for their healing! God bless you and your quilting! :')


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