Thursday, December 24, 2009

Picture This quilt from the Happy Hour book is done!

I never showed you my completed Picture This quilt, from the Happy Hour book, did I?

You might remember me showing you this picture below, in which I rented time on a long arm quilting machine at a local quilt shop, and I did the quilting myself. It is virtually impossible to see, but it is a meandering pattern; it is probably a bit too large to be called stippling.

The quilt is huge; it can just about fit our king size bed. The pictures don't really show just how lovely this quilt is.
I think I'll be trying this out with other fabrics and colors. I really like this pattern.

Since I am determined not to be on this computer tomorrow, I want to take the time today to wish you a Merry Christmas! Now, you, too, get off the 'puter, and go spend time with those you love. :)


  1. It's Beautiful!! Great work. I must get that book.

  2. Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. That is beautiful. I admire your sewing so much!!

  4. I love this quilt...I need to remember that next time I see this book!


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