Saturday, December 19, 2009


A little earlier this month, I received a gift of scraps from a new quilting friend, E. She has been quilting for decades, so she has several large bins full of nothing but scraps. She brought one out to me, and I filled an entire tote bag, without even making a noticeable dent in the contents of her bin.

Once I sorted the scraps, I counted over 137 different fabrics. It took three shots to get all of the fabric in; it filled up my entire dining room table!

Now, here's the thing: All of these "scraps" were not exactly what I would call scraps. They were sizeable pieces; some were as large as a fat quarter. I asked E what she defined as a "scrap." She said anything up to the size of a fat quarter, and that she throws away anything smaller than 2 inches. Wow. I think my definition of "scrap"

may need to be redefined.


  1. Think you will be able to make some amazing things with those "scraps." Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. What a wonderful gift! Have lots of fun with the "scraps".

  3. Quilt squares make my heart pound! Kinda like the smell of used books at a sale.

  4. Oh my goodness that is awesome! My "scraps" are those sizes too but I generally keep things that are a few inches too. I use them to start and finish my sewing.

    What a wonderful BLESSING! I only work with scraps and peoples donations! Get busy and make some thing beautiful to share with us!


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