Friday, December 24, 2010

What was I thinking?!!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and...

I'm finishing up a quilt top that I started this week? I had a TON of stuff to do; how'd I crank this out?!!

It's a little windy, as you can see...

Our charity sewing circle had been gifted a lot of fabric recently, as I've mentioned before. Part of the stash included some great ethnic prints. I had an idea in my head, kind of Beyond the Block style.

UPDATE: I'd gotten some questions about the book that inspired this, so I wanted to give you a picture of it. This really is the best price I've seen for this book:

There are elements of this that I really like. There are also elements that I will definitely do differently next time. Because there WILL be a next time. In fact, I'm thinking of creating a series, and naming it "Origins." This may become a "potato-chip quilt" kind of style for me (you know, once you do one, you can't stop). I'm thinking very seriously of donating this one, or keeping this on hand as a last-minute gift or donation. I've always wanted a reserve of quilts to use like that...

In this photo, it's been rotated 180 degrees. Hmm...

I'll keep trying... :)


  1. Simply lovely!!! I am a huge fan of these types of quilts!!!


    WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING!!! It is Christmas week, and today is Christmas Eve!!!


    Love to you and your family Laurel!!!

  2. I love it! Merry Christmas to you and your's.

  3. You weren't thinking... you were quilting... nice quilt ... Happy New Year ...

  4. It is beautiful Laurel! I can see how it was hard to stop working on it. It is a very tantalizing design from any direction.

  5. THAT is a great quilt! Merry Christmas!


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