Friday, December 31, 2010

Modern Siggy Block quilt

Last night, I finished binding my Modern Siggy Block quilt.

I was aiming for that "gradually changing color" effect.

There were 97 of us who participated. I chose an 8 x 12 layout. I put my own block on the back as a label.

Anna Maria Horner afficionados will recognize the border and backing as Garden Party fabrics.

Like this guy, I JUST made it!

I wanted to be able to put 2010 on the label; I did.


  1. Pretty... congrats on getting it done in 2010 ... another goal achieved...
    Happy New Year blessings ..

  2. Oh, Laurel, that is so, so beautiful.

  3. Very pretty. I like the back as much as I do the front. Congrats on another finish!

  4. Beauty! Love the gradation in the center blocks.

  5. it looks fantastic! i love the rainbow effect!!!


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