Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring to Finish 2010: In brief

Remember the Spring to Finish 2010 Challenge?

My original post was April 23. I kept track of my list over on my sidebar. So, today, the day after the official end of the challenge, I decided to review my progress.

The purple House quilt for my older daughter's birthday in April was completed (I blogged about it)

The pink Fresh Vanilla quilt for my younger daughter's birthday last month was completed (I blogged about it)

The baby quilt for the baby born to a friend was completed (I blogged about it)

I read Raising a Modern-Day Princess (but I need to go back and take notes)

We planted three containers (but have two empty ones)

We finished the homeschooling year (but we are putting the finishing touches on the portfolios)
We did spring cleaning on the main floor of the house (we need to do some deep cleaning on the second floor and in the basement)
    Some things are completely taken care of, a few others need a bit of follow-up. All in all, I am pleased with our progress. I'm supposed to state how I will reward myself. Ummm...as a reward, I will probably embark on a new quilt! Many thanks to Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio for hosting this; I apparently needed it!


    1. You were busy! I wish I had as impressive a list of finished housework and creative work. I'm sorry that I conked out and did not follow up on what I said I would do. I did get some stuff partway done, but most of it not in bloggable condition.


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