Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Friday Night Sew-In: The Day After

While I didn't get a great deal of sewing done, I was very productive last night!

I loaded up the shop (these batiks are just a few of the things I added):

I finished cutting out the blocks for my picnic quilt:

I sorted and purged some books, and I cleaned up my sewing area (boring; no pix needed...)

I created a design wall! It's very low brow, mind you; I simply hung a piece of flannel backed tablecloth on the wall behind my sewing table, with the flannel side facing out. And the blocks you see on it are the string blocks I have sewn thus far (I added two last nite):

I may have to do this again!

More details to follow about these string blocks, and about the giveaway, as well...


  1. Very pretty batiks. I like the color combination. Enjoy your design wall!

  2. What a great idea for hanging work as you go along. The string blocks are looking really sharp! Congratulations on reaching the milestone!


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