Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tie One (apron) On Tuesdays!

I have been on an apron kick here recently. But I'm not alone; aprons seem to be making a serious comeback these days:

I have been on an apron kick of sorts recently. I read a really great post about aprons, then I read a good many blogs about aprons, and visited several sites which featured cute aprons, and…you know how it goes. I’m sure it has happened to you, too. I talk more about this on my other site.

On one of the sites that I visited, there was a reference to “tying one on.” There’s even a national Tie One On Day coming up!

And that’s when I decided to make Tuesdays (or at least, this Tuesday) a Tie One On day for me. Remember my last blog entry, where I admitted my need for clearly defined days, if I hoped to accomplish anything at all? I thought this would be a good solution to feed my apron habit. So, this apron is this week’s experiment. I may just take it with us on Saturday; we will be vendors at a holiday bazaar of sorts, and this would look great on the table. I’m also seeing if I like the look of this apron enough to use this pattern in Amy’s Peppermint Candy apron thingie.

What’s funny is, I had been searching and searching and searching for a cute apron that would not make me look fat. I’m certain you’ve noticed how an apron visually adds, oh, about 50 pounds? So, I looked high and low…

Until I realized that, unless the wearer of the apron is slim and trim, the apron is not going to perform any miracles. Oh, well.

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