Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Try a second quilt: Gather your supplies

Now that you are officially a quilter (yea!!!) you can move on to another very simple project. As with the first one, this quilt will also be lap-quilt size, just to keep it simple one more time. You will need 1.5 yards of a light-colored fabric, either solid or print, for the top. We chose a multi-colored dot print on a plain white background. For the backing fabric, you will need 1.5 yards of a coordinating print. It goes without saying that you will select 100% cotton fabrics that are ideal for quilting. You will also need 44/45 inch strips of fabric, 2 inches wide. You will need approximately 21 of these strips, and they can be in varying colors to coordinate with the top fabric. You can also choose jumbo rickrack for some of your 45 inch strips.

Make sure to purchase 1.5 yards (or a 45×60 package) of bonded polyester batting in low or medium loft. Select thread which coordinates with your fabrics. The tools that you purchased for your first quilt will come in handy here; refer to Day 1 for the first quilt, if you forgot what these tools are. Another tool that you will need is quilt basting spray. If you have not already done so, wash and iron all fabrics.

Once you are ready, proceed to the next set of instructions.

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