Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sewing an easy quilt-as-you-go quilt: Part 2 of 2

You have completed your quilt, all except for binding it. Binding is the process by which you enclose the raw edges with a narrow double layer of fabric. You will make this binding strip yourself. Take your six remaining 2 inch strips and cut each strip into four pieces. Sew these smaller pieces together randomly; no two adjacent pieces should be the same fabric or the same color. This strip will go around the perimeter of your quilt, so it needs to be at least 220 inches in length. Press this strip in half lengthwise, right side out, matching raw edges.

Take one of the short edges of the strip and fold it in on itself. Starting near a corner of the quilt, but not ON a corner, lay the strip on top of the quilt, aligning the raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of the quilt, pinning as you go. When you reach a corner, you will stop one half inch from the corner. Fold the binding strip at a 45 degree angle to the right; it will look like an L. Fold the binding strip back down, so that its raw edge is now aligned with the next raw edge of the quilt. Do this every time you reach a corner. When you get to the beginning, tuck the end of the strip in the beginning of the strip, so there are no raw edges peeking out. Starting below the tucked end of the strip, sew by machine one quarter inch from the edge, ending where you started. Make sure you stop one quarter inch before a corner with the needle down, lift the presser foot, and pivot to start the next stitching line.

You will now need to sew the other edge of the binding strip to the back of the quilt. Thread a hand needle with the thread and take very small horizontal stitches to sew the binding to the backing. Pressing the binding to the back before you stitch it is not necessary, but it will help. Your nicely mitered corners will lay just right as you turn the binding strip to the back.

Presto! You have now created TWO quilts!!! Are you addicted yet?

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