Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stash Snafu

Well, I had the best of intentions when I set out to report on my stash activity every Sunday. But then I ran into a problem.

About the same time I started these Sunday reports, I received, as I often do, a good amount of donated fabric. Technically, I guess I should add that to my "In" count. But it depresses me to do so. Also, I haven't spent money on it, and the monetary savings is at least as big an issue as the quantity of fabric I own, if not a bigger issue. And if I had to MEASURE the donated fabric I am receiving, I think I'd lose my mind. There are lots of small pieces. (This bag in the photo is actually from a gift of a couple of years ago, but this month's donated fabrics that I have received could probably fill the bag up this full, anyway...)

Sigh. What do you think I should do? How do you think I should handle donated fabric?


  1. I see your dilemma! You can either add it all in like (+100 yards) or ignore it. Personally I would just ignore it, not for any good reason but because otherwise you're going to feel like you are not getting anywhere... but that's just me. LOL :)

  2. If the LORD provides for you...just use it and don't worry about measuring it. Just give thanks~

  3. I think you should only count what you buy, Laurel. This is supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to make you crazy!!!

  4. Since you didn't purchase the fabric, I don't think you should count it. In or out.

  5. I totally agree, only count what you buy! Donations are a gift and should never be counted!

  6. A gift--there's no tax on this kind of gift! A friend donated a whole big stash to me--and I've been sewing it for years. Lucky me

  7. Personally - I would want to be able to count it when I *USE* it up and I wouldn't be able to unless I counted it in the beginning.


    I bet tracking your stash with would help!

    (in full disclosure - I came across this post through Red Pepper Quilts and it just so happens to work well with the launch of a new website that I am apart of.


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