Friday, January 28, 2011

Rising prices of cotton...and everything else

Photo source: Frugal Cafe Blog Zone
In case you weren't aware, China's flood last year will have a major impact on the various cotton industries in particular, but on practically everything in general. Click here for a great explanation of the issue. In short, China's 2010 flood obviously devastated their crops. One crop, cotton, is a problem for us, because we receive a large percentage of our cotton from China. So, without this crop, we are experiencing a cotton shortage, which means cotton fabric prices increase. Cotton clothing prices increase. Cotton bed, bath, and kitchen linens increase. You understand the trickle-down effect, of course; if less cotton fabric, clothing, etc. is purchased, there will be fewer employees needed (and some smaller shops will close), household incomes will drop, etc. etc. What about hotels? What about hospitals?

But, more importantly, what about the lives lost in China? The food shortages? The homes and livelihoods that have been lost?


  1. Thanks for the pray for China!

  2. Thank you for this post. I don't watch the news. Ever. So I had no idea why cotton was going up. NOw that i know, I will be praying for China and our brothers and sisters who are affected by this devastation.


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