Saturday, March 13, 2010

A QUICK baby quilt

One Sunday not long ago, I was informed that we (the ladies of our church) would be giving an expectant mom in our congregation a baby shower.

In a week.

For a quilter, unless you just happen to have gift quilts in reserve, this is cause for panic. And panic is what I did. I don't exactly have the kind of schedule where I can drop everything and focus on a quilt. My children still need to be reared, discipled, homeschooled, etc. Folks around here still expect to eat from time to time. We still have weekly obligations.

But I was determined to give a gift of a quilt. So, on Friday, two days before it needed to be completed, I started cutting it out. I finished it Saturday. It obviously needed to be a simple design. But I got it done. And I think it's cute. :)



  1. Very cute and I bet the mom will love it.

  2. Laurel..those colors are wonderful! It is simple but very nice. I know it will be used daily, and will be much loved!

  3. OK... this I could sew! visiting from Too Many Hats! ;) Love the baby quilt too! or wait... they are both baby quilts?? I am a very beginner sewer! My daughter and I are maybe going to try to sew baby blankets this summer!??


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