Monday, March 15, 2010

Over the Top blog award

Many thanks to fullfreezer for this award!

As is the case with awards like this quite often, there is a list of questions that you are asked to answer. I will only answer a few; I mean, really, do you care what my favorite color is?!!

3.) Your mother? Overworked
4.) Your father? Deceased
8.) Your dream goal? I'm living part of it; I work at home w/my husband, and we homeschool!
9.) What room are you in? Study
10) Your hobby? One is quilting
11) Your fear? Reaching the end of my life and looking back with regrets
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years? In a larger home, one able to house 1 or 2 grand pianos for our daughters, a sewing studio for me, an office space for hubby, and rooms for guests
13) Where were you last night? Here at home, lecturing online
14) Something you aren't? Skinny!
16) Wish list item? See #12 above
17) Where did you grow up? Chicago
20) Your TV? Do I even have's off, obviously!
35) Favorite place to eat? Home

I am supposed to name six others to award. I'd rather award all of you who read my blog; I think you are all worthy. (To see the full list of questions, click here.) I couldn't even begin to narrow it down to six!


  1. Now that's very cool!!! Honored!

  2. I have done that too!
    it is too hard to pick a few! =)

  3. So, by the way, what's your favorite color??? :)


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