Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yellow Brick Road quilt: ME Cherries

Oh; did I mention? I pieced another quilt! This time, I made a quilt using the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern.

Like the Take 5 quilt that I made earlier this month, the Yellow Brick Road quilt was made from a pattern that is available at your local quilt shop. It is fairly popular; I’d seen a number of these online, and I really liked the pattern. That is what made me interested in making one for myself.

Unlike the Take 5 quilt, I didn’t go out shopping for fabric for this one. In fact, you might recall that when I went in search of a pattern for fabric I already had–THIS fabric, which you see above–I ended up buying new fabric AND a pattern–hence, the birth of the Take 5 quilt. So, I used the fabric that I already had, and used it for the Yellow Brick Road quilt. Did that make sense?

This quilt may have a lot of pieces, but it has some quick piecing techniques, namely lots of strip piecing, and I used the whack and stack method, as well. So, it went rather quickly. All I need to do is sew on the borders; I am merely trying them out in the photo above. But I like them. This pattern does not technically call for an inner and outer border, but I will use them both. I think the red really makes the colors in this quilt pop, and a border outside of the red is necessary. Don’t you think?

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