Friday, November 28, 2008

Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend: A book review

Sometimes, the difference between a person who quilts and a person who only dreams of becoming a quilter is the accessibility of the craft. If simple, clear directions could be given for a quilt project from start to finish, someone hesitant to make the entry into the quilting world might be much more willing to become involved. Quick Quilts to Make in a Weekend gives novice quilters an entry into the craft. From the opening pages, which give an introduction to quilting, through the quilt projects displayed in the book, Quick Quilts is a feast for the eyes, and full of wonderful project ideas.

The book opens with basic quilting techniques. This introductory section leaves nothing unclear, so even the uninitiated will be able to enter a local quilt shop or fabric store with confidence. The technique chapter includes everything from quilt sizes, fabric selection and preparation, rotary cutting tips, measurements, piecing, quilting or tying, binding, labelling and even adding a sleeve for hanging. Not only is there a great deal of written explanation, but there are illustrations and photographs to clarify each of the steps in the process.

The 26 quilt projects in the book are grouped into five categories, each category written by a different author. Each of the projects has well illustrated, step-by-step directions on how to complete the quilt. Each project also contains a beautiful color photograph of the finished quilt. A very striking and incredibly simple quilt, the Indigo and White Country Quilt, is on page 28 of the book. But don’t be misled; every quilt is beautiful and easily executed.

Even for more experienced quilters, Quick Quilts is full of great quilting ideas and well-selected colorways. The very straightforward directions can be easily altered to accommodate different sizes and details. Every quilter will want to be able to have a ready reference of quilt projects that can be created quickly, especially for those last-minute gifts. This book will fulfill that purpose.

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