Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new pin cushion!

Do you remember the Pincushion Pass?

Well, I got my pincushion!

This thing is HUGE--probably no less than 10" wide!

Doncha just love the tape measure sewn onto this? It's just fabulous!

And look at the little embroidered dressform!

Thank you, partner. I LOVE it!!!


  1. Very cute! Love the tape measure on it.

  2. This is incredibly gorgeous - lucky lucky you

  3. Laurel,

    Thanks so much for stopping by the site and commenting today. I love the bulldog in your sidebar. We have two, and their farts aren't so bad - most of the time. :-)

    Have you checked out the Mrs' site at ? I'll make sure she comes and checks out your blog; I think she'd really enjoy it.


    Everett (aka Mr. Simpleton)

  4. Adorable! How many pin cushions do we need? Answer--a whole lot!

  5. A very pretty pincushion, I love the balance of blocks of color and details - the embroidered dress form is very charming.
    Btw - is that a scan you have there for your new banner backdrop? I love the colors and pretty embroidery.

  6. It's super cute. I love a big pin cushion!

  7. How perfect! Big pincushions with teeny tiny details are the best!

  8. Hello Laurel...
    I thought I'd let you know I began a new quilt blog with a new vision!!!
    I also just love your pin cushion!


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