Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pincushion inspiration


1. taco 004, 2. Asian Crane Pincushion, 3. Stove Pincushion for Pretty Pretty Pincushion Swap, 4. STRAWBERRY AND CREAM TART, 5. Patio Party Pinushion, 6. silent community, 7. Mini Purse Pincushion Tutorial, 8. Happy Birthday Pincushion, 9. Untitled

I just finished viewing the pincushions in the Pincushion pool over in flickr--all. 235. pages. of. them.

(O my; did I eat during that time? Take care of my family?)

And I have to say, you pincushion-ers are amazing. You created everything from tacos to ovens to wormy apples to headbands, all in pincushion format.

I was hoping to get inspiration for a couple of more pincushions that I'd like to make, so I could have a number of them from which to choose for my partner for the Pincushion Pass.

Um...I got it. (Inspiration.)

Thank you. :)


  1. Thank goodnes you've done the highlights, otherwise I'd have to look through all those pages too :) I love those little apples!

  2. These are not your mother's pincushions. LOL
    Who knew there could be so many beautiful, yet functional designs. I'd almost hate to stick them with pins and needles. LOL


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