Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Stash: The rest

I never showed you the rest of the fabrics I got from

Just the pinks:

Just the yellows and oranges:

Now I didn't get all of these in the most recent shipment. I think there are 26 fabrics in here, and I think 18 may have come from that shipment. I pulled others I had and put them all together, because I saw an absolutely fabulous quilt using these colors.

I'm thinking binding for this bright and funky zigzag.

Finally; some Kaffe  Fassetts!

A couple of black/white/pinks, which I am accumulating for a black/white/pink quilt.

A minor drawback to purchasing fabric online is that you really need to know the fabric, maybe even have seen it in person, before you order it, especially if you're buying it to coordinate with other things. Take this Michael Miller, for instance.

It is beautiful. But I was trying to match it to something else, and it doesn't quite match. Since I tend to buy fabrics with particular groupings and colorways in mind, I probably wouldn't have bought this one if I had been able to see it first with the other fabrics it was to have blended with.

These black and whites--I'm relatively pleased with them, but, again, may not have bought them in a fabric store.

Another pretty fabric, but now an orphan:

Not that I'm complaining. Anyone who is as much of a fabriholic as I am is not unhappy to have additional fabric! Simply a word to the wise.


  1. Binding from the zigzag would look great!

  2. Beautiful swatches. Can't wait to see the black, white and pink one. Good luck!


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