Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving right along with a purple house quilt


I'm moving right along with the quilting of the purple house quilt. I'm doing these free motion flowers with purple variegated thread. It's looking great, I think. But the quilting itself is fairly hard for some reason.

Then my worst sewing nightmare comes true.

The needle breaks (can you see it in these two shots?) and a teensy weensy piece of it flies into my eye.

But I am VERY fortunate; it falls out just as quickly as it flew in. By the time I realize what has happened, it is over. But now I am paranoid. I turn off my sewing machine for the night, and go to bed.

Today, I am wearing these.

These are very cool safety goggles

My husband now calls sewing a full contact sport. Phew.


OH; and by the way, I think I know why the needle broke. It was a thread issue. I'll discuss it in another post.


  1. The quilting is looking good. You were very fortunate that your eye was not injured. I may just get a matching pair of those glasses.

  2. I love the free-motion flower you sewed on top of the little house print - very nice. I am happy to hear no eye injury!

  3. soon you will be wearing body armor! be careful!


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