Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Hour - Relax and Enjoy: Picture This quilt

If you have ever had the opportunity to make a quilt from a pattern created by Terry Atkinson, you know what a joy it is to work with her patterns. I'd decided a few months ago to take a class at my LQS which featured the Happy Hour: Relax and Enjoy quilt booklet, and the Picture This quilt in particular.

The quilt pictured on the cover is the quilt I will be making. I, too, chose batiks, but I chose tans, browns and reds. It will match the great room in my house. However, I think I will be adding a narrow inner border and a wide outer border; I like the look of the two borders in a quilt.

Yesterday, I took this class. For all of the sewing and quilting I've done, it was the first time I'd ever taken a quilting class, and it was all that I'd anticipated that it would be. Granted, I did not learn anything new, and I moved quickly enough to complete all of my blocks by the end of the day, but I greatly enjoyed the experience. I will definitely do it again.

As of today, I have ironed all 30 blocks, and I am partway through the process of trimming them down to a uniform size. I'll keep you posted.

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